Food waste all over the news.

Is it just me, or has food waste become a hot topic on the news?

Maybe I have just begun to find more grey literature about food waste because I have been more vocal about my interest in food waste, so friends and acquaintances have begun sending me things they find about food waste.

Here is the TED talk that initially got me thinking about food waste, The Global Food Waste Scandal by Tristram Stuart. I first found it last October — I know this because I sent it to Ben on gchat so he could watch it too, so I have a record of the date.

(Hah, I managed to embed a video!)

What I find fascinating about food waste is not only that it is non-trivial to measure (because it is present across all parts of food systems) but also because it is a symptom of many problems in food systems. Anyhow, off to work.

About Isa

I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto studying food, hunger, consumption, and food waste. Feel free to browse my blog.
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One Response to Food waste all over the news.

  1. magentalemon says:


    Food waste is big business for a few. Continue with your blog and good work!

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